Minting starts
May 3, 2022

The Mandela Education Programme

The Mandela Education Programme is an initiative of the Long Walk to Freedom brand in partnership with the Department of Basic Education, the Soul City Institute for Social Justice's Soul Buddyz programme and Rotary International, and is run by non-profit organization Participate for Good.

The Mandela Day Library project was started in 2011 and since its inception, the total amount of children who now have access to Mandela Day Libraries has passed 150,000 children a day. The libraries have a direct and real impact on the young minds in each school where we locate the libraries. The primary objective is to give the children a “hand up” and not a “hand out”. They have it in their power to learn to read with the use of the library and with that, we hope that they will use the skill of reading to learn further.

About the

We fill the libraries with books that are aspirational and inspirational. Ideas and places to go that will help to inspire change and hope, as well as the desire to learn more and stay in school. From the start of the donation cycle to the initiation of the building of the library, we aim to ensure people are uplifted during the whole process.


Libraries built and

5,000 Books

The libraries are continually restocked and can carry about 5000 books in total, as well as act as a safekeeping place for official school textbooks.

25 Years

The units are designed and built to last at least 25 years but we hope to see at least 15 years of continual use until such time as a permanent library is installed.

New School Relocation

When a permanent library is built then the school can choose the relocation of the Mandela Day Library container to a new school so others can benefit.